PDO Thread Lift Specialist

Fresh Face

Cheryl L Royce, NP

Aesthetic & Wellness Clinic located in Bethesda, MD

Have you ever considered getting a face-lift but hesitated at the thought of missing work and other obligations for up to a month? At Fresh Face in Bethesda, Maryland, Cheryl Royce, NP, offers polydioxanone (PDO) thread lifts as a nonsurgical alternative with similar benefits. To consult with Cheryl about rejuvenating your appearance with a PDO thread lift, call Fresh Face to request an appointment or use the online booking tool today.

PDO Thread Lift Q & A

What is a PDO thread lift?

A polydioxanone (PDO) thread lift is a nonsurgical way to rejuvenate your facial appearance for years at a time. At Fresh Face, Cheryl helps you identify the aging features of your face that you can target and lift with a thread lift. A thread lift can help improve features like:

  • Jowls
  • Drooping cheeks
  • Wrinkles and folds
  • Fine lines

In the past, the only way to reduce these features and other skin laxity issues was with a surgical face-lift. Elective surgeries, in general, aren’t the best choice for everyone, and the lengthy recovery time can uproot your life for weeks. With a PDO thread lift, you can achieve a similar effect without the downtime and with results that look more natural and subtle. 

How does a PDO thread lift work?

A PDO thread lift uses biocompatible threads beneath your skin to physically lift your tissues. At Fresh Face, Cheryl uses NovaThreads® for her PDO thread lifts. She inserts the threads through tiny incisions on your face so that they follow your facial contours. 

NovaThreads are barbed so that they can anchor to your tissues without slipping out of place. Cheryl elevates your facial tissues by drawing the threads up toward your temples. This creates a lifting and contouring effect for your face, similar to that of a surgical face-lift. The procedure takes just 45 minutes, and Cheryl provides you with local anesthesia to keep your face comfortable as she works.

Once the NovaThreads are in place and secure, collagen and elastin fibers grow naturally around them. The presence of the threads disrupts your tissues and causes new proteins to build and repair the damage. The collagen fibers hold your results in place long after your skin absorbs the polydioxanone threads, and the elastin keeps your skin tight.

How long do the results of a PDO thread lift last?

The PDO threads themselves absorb after just four to six months. By then, collagen has already grown around them to fortify your tissues and hold the lifting effect in place. However, the aging process doesn’t cease entirely. You can expect to continue seeing the results of your PDO thread lift for one to three years in total.